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Movie Mezzanine Opens!

As I’ve lamented in more than a few posts before, Duke & the Movies has kind of, sort of, closed up shop. But not entirely. Today I’m proud to present you with my new site, Movie Mezzanine. Be sure to check it out and comment. As many of you will notice in the coming days recurring features like Inquisition Tuesday and Battle [...]

A Christmas Special

A Christmas Special

December 25, 2012 | 21 Comments | Featured

This past Thanksgiving I expressed my gratitude to a select group of people in the world of film who had made my life better. It was a simple conceit, and one I plan to reuse and expand this morning. Below is a compilation of wonderful people who have appreciated, guided, and aided me over the [...]

With A Little Help From My Friends

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, well, happy holidays. No matter what you’re doing over these next few days, be sure to stay safe. Here’s our weekly articles … Check out TshirtPrinting. This talented company sent me a free Duke & the Movies shirt and it looks excellent. Andy Buckle reveals his eclectic [...]

Off To Mexico

Off To Mexico

December 22, 2012 | 4 Comments | Featured

With the Holiday season abound, our family had decided to take a trip down to Mexico to visit some family, relax on the beach, and celebrate Christmas. Most of you are probably settling in for the Holidays. If you’re traveling over the next few days, I hope everyone stays safe. Traveling can be a bit [...]

The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip

December 20, 2012 | No Comments | Featured

At its best, The Guilt Trip is a heartwarming portrait of the eternal and maternal relationship between mother and son. However, it often strays away from its good qualities, dissipating into affable, light, rather asinine fluff.

Pedro Almodovar vs. Guillermo del Toro

 Five example films from Guillermo del Toro: Pan’s Labryinth Hellsboy Mimic Cronos Hellboy II: The Golden Army vs.  Five example films from Pedro Almodovar: The Skin I Live In Matador Talk to Her Broken Embraces All About My Mother Volver

Press Screening Tickets: Jack Reacher

Paramount studios and Allied Integrated marketing has offered Duke & the Movies yet another promotional opportunity. This week we’ll be offering up five passes to an early screening of Tom Cruise’s latest action-adventure, Jack Reacher.  If you’d like to obtain a pass for yourself (and one guest), be sure to answer the question below and send it [...]

One Door Closes, Another One Opens

When I created Duke & the Movies back in November of 2009 I could’ve never conceived that it would grow and prosper into what it is now: a renowned website where hundreds of people who love the movies frequent every day. Beyond what has been accomplished on this small space that I call my Internet [...]

Inquisition Tuesday: Evaluating Ranking

The Question: Are these year-end lists of the best movies, methodically ranking them in some incongruous, silly order, degrading to the actual pieces of film themselves? Crafting those year-end best and worst movies lists has turned into an annual tradition for film critics. But what exactly are they for? Do we obsess and mull over [...]



December 9, 2012 | 6 Comments | Featured

The works of Alfred Hitchcock are prone to evoking visceral reactions from their audience. They go for the gut, then the heart – and on many occasions the Master of Suspense is right on target. However once Hitchcock (Sacha Gervasi’s first feature film) concludes, knee-jerk responses or passionate sentiments are nowhere to be found, and [...]

Name That Movie: Season 1 Finale

Apologies for the mistake this morning folks. Disregard the earlier Name That Movie – which was Do the Right Thing. This is the final edition of Name That Movie, at least for the first season. Nikhat has won indefinitely. Bubbawheat, Anna, Jake, Danny, and Tyler, you all are still eligible to finish in second place. If either Jake, Danny, or Tyler [...]

Killing Them Softly

Killing Them Softly

December 6, 2012 | 5 Comments | Featured

Killing Them Softly suffers from a myriad of issues that pinpointing one is an arduous task — a task, in fact, only surpassed by actually watching Andrew Dominick’s third, disastrously drab feature film. Based on George V. Higgins’ legendary novel Cogan’s Trade, the film’s center narrative is – contrary to the rest of the movie [...]

Inquisition Tuesday: Digesting Movies

It never ceases to amaze me how often inquisitions for this weekly, recurring column end up in my lap. Just yesterday, Ryan McNeil (who is yet again playing a vital part here at Duke & the Movies) sent me an email detailing his frustration with the idea of Letterbox’s 100 Movies In December challenge.