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The Paperboy

October 3, 2012 | 19 Comments | Featured

The Paperboy

Review republished from TIFF

The Paperboy is out in select cities this weekend. It’s scheduled to expand as the weeks roll by.

Lurid psychodrama meets virtuosic Southern born noir in The Paperboy. A deeply flawed, perpetually vulnerable, and sporadically repellent film from filmmaker Lee Daniels, that simultaneously manages to be immensely captivating, dangerously enigmatic, and poignantly provocative. Read More

Rating: ★★★½
Interview With Matt Singer

An interview with Matt Singer

Listen here …

In what now seems like ages ago, I had a wonderful and exciting opportunity to speak with acclaimed Webby-award winning film critic Matt Singer. This is the fourth entry into the ongoing series of interviews with a few of my favorite cinematic writers scattered across the globe.

It’s strange, even after conducting a plethora of discussions (with both journalists and bonafide movie stars), there’s still a part of me that’s uncertain about the whole process. Alas, once the ball gets rolling, all my preconceived fears seems to vanquish. The case of the immensely gifted, genuinely kind, and actively peerless Matt Singer being no different.

Within our conversation, which runs just shy of an hour, Matt and I discuss the last five films he’s loved, his devotion to Siskel & Ebert as a child, attending school at Syracuse University, the tumultuous state of film criticism, and the perpetually insightful CriticWire blog.

I hope the discourse pleases, enlightens, and satisfies anyone that takes a listen. Thank you again, Matt.

Matt Singer is a film journalist based in Brooklyn, New York.

You may find his work on CriticWire, his reviews at Screen Crush, and follow him on twitter @MattSinger

September: Eclectic Filmmaking

The Toronto International Film Festival was a great experience. Upon my return I slowed down on the movie watching. That said, the grand total film count of 2012 just keeps on rising.

TIFF Films

The Central Park Five - Injustice makes for a harrowing and emotional documentary.

Looper (x2)I’ve had a rather unique experience with Rian Johnson’s latest effort.

The Sessions – A multifaceted man reduced to well, this. My mother loved it though.

Seven Psychopaths – Review and interviews with the cast to come.

Much Ado About NothingWhedon and Shakespeare … an unlikely pairing.

To the Wonder - Malick waxes incoherency, pretention, and beautiful imagery.

The Iceman – So much killing, so little interest.

The Master (in 70mm, x2)Paul Thomas Anderson’s near masterpiece.

The Place Beyond the Pines – One of my favorite films of the festival. I’m anticipating revisiting it.

Imogene – Review in the works. In a word: worthless.

AmourA story of love, suffering, and death. Haneke digs deep.

Argo – Getting a chance to check out Affleck’s third feature this week. Intense political boiler.

Spring Breakers – Unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Smart drama, not particularly worth rehashing on.

I Declare War – Great concept, lackluster execution.

RealityAnother brilliant concept completed with something left to be desired.

Thanks for SharingBad things happen to characters we don’t care much about.

Frances Ha – Baumbach charmed everyone with this black and white romance at TIFF. I’m up in the air.

Silver Linings Playbook – What everyone romantic-comedy-drama should attempt to be.

The PaperboyLurid psychodrama meets twisted Southern-born noir.

Jayne Mansfield’s CarRobert Duvall on acid. So there’s that.

Repeated Viewings

Mansome – Not a fan.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - The last Western.

New Viewings

Swimming with Sharks - Cynical performance from Spacey makes this indoctrination of Hollywood fun.

Liberal Arts – College has never appeared so romantic.

HaywireQuick, jazzy thriller satisfies on second viewing.

BernieLinklater just keeps surprising us with one inventive film after another.

Margin CallIf only we had Kevin Spacey and Stanley Tucci to fix the 2008 economic crisis.

Pitch PerfectThe most fun I’ve had at the movies in quite some time.

Press Screenings

Trouble with the CurveCelebration of the bygone days of baseball.

Hotel Transylvania – It’s there.

Films Seen In September: 31

Film Seen In 2012: 267

With A Little Help From My Friends

Before we begin, here’s an overview of what I watched in September. Now, here are this week’s articles.

Many reviews have been published on Rian Johnson’s Looper. Ryan McNeil does a particularly fine job.

Bob Turnbull has been providing some fun, well-written coverage of TIFF.

While The A.V. Club certainly does need any more recognition than it already receives, this recent article discussing the trendsetting, influential comedy/drama Louie is particularly inspired.

Colin reviews David Fincher’s The Game, on Criterion.

It doesn’t seem like Robot & Frank will be playing in a theater near me anytime soon. But Blake’s positive review gives me hope that someday I’ll be able to get around to it.

Roger Ebert gave Richard Gere’s latest film Arbitrage four stars. My interest continues to sustain after reading Aaron’s review of the film.

Oscar seasons is coming. For some, it has already begun: the 85th foreign film submissions.

Graffiti with Punctuation, a well-made and written Australian based website, hires Andy Buckle.

Nostra talks about and views all things Ryan Gosling.

Classic Hitchcock, so many say. Eric reviews Notorious.