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November 21, 2010


“I’m not a professional, I’m an amateur, in the French sense: someone who is engaged in something for the love of it.”

That quote, said by the recently passed away writer Andrew Sarris, are words I attempt to live by.

Since creation of this site back in 2009, Duke & The Movies has rapidly evolved into something I thought I could’ve never manifest: a place where lovers of film, alongside a general audience interested in movies, come together to discuss and ruminate over the beauties and mysteries of cinema.

I’ve made it a conscious objective to make sure every piece of writing I produce is done out of sheer buoyant and lively passion for the art form of film. Not to put down the prospect of getting compensated for my work someday, but I write because I love to.


Based in Fresno, California — Grew up in Chicago, Illinois

I’ve been a member of the press here in Fresno since early 2011. I’m a critic on Rotten Tomatoes, active member in the LAMB community, the Cinematic Consensus Group, and the CriticWire program run by Matt Singer of IndieWire. Due to an act of kindness by the brilliant Roger Ebert, I’ve been inducted onto his list of Bloggers, Far Flung Correspondents, and Demanders for my coverage of Ebertfest this past April.

Besides the daily columns published on my site I write for Fan the Fire Magazine, Anomalous Material, Front Room Cinema, and have contributed articles to Never Mind Popular Film, MovieDex, and Movie-Vault.com.

Guardian Angels

Everything seen on Duke & The Movies is written by yours truly: however, it couldn’t happen without the assistance of a few, talented and selfless individuals.

Web Designer – Kevin Mulcrone

Logo Designer – Andrew Cambalik

Research Assistant – Quinn Bowman

Graphic Designers – John Larue and Andrew Cambalik

Occasional Editors – Jan Meyers, Mike Scott, and James Ward

For now everyone, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.