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Happy Christmas Eve everyone. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, well, happy holidays. No matter what you’re doing over these next few days, be sure to stay safe. Here’s our weekly articles …

Check out TshirtPrintingThis talented company sent me a free Duke & the Movies shirt and it looks excellent.

Andy Buckle reveals his eclectic batch of films he deems the best of 2012.

I had a hoot being a guest on the Long and Late Movie Show yesterday. Listen to the episode and subscribe to the podcast.

Which actors do you prefer: Seth Rogen vs. Paul Rudd. Another great matchup by Courtney.

Australian bloggers Sam and Chris rattle of what they consider to be the worst films of 2012.

Eric Kohn makes a strong case for Terence Malick’s To the Wonder

This Is 40, reviewed by Ryan McNeil. It would appear no one is responding to this film with much enthusiasm.

Take a look at Simon’s analysis of Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles

Our weekly articles … [More]

Our weekly articles … [More]

At last, after some 14,000 words, the results of our Contest are up. Do check them out if you have the time.

Now to our weekly articles …

Laurence Anyways is apparently worthy of our time. Now, after reading Cam’s review, I’m looking to actually find and see the film. So far, no luck.

Although I enjoy frequenting blogs, the work of Dana Stevens is to be marveled. Here’s her review of Rust and Bone

Eugene writes about Ang Lee’s Life of Pi – a film many seem to dislike as of late.

There’s an abundance of talent in the movie business. Alex discusses the actors and actresses that deserve more work in the pictures.

SDG wraps up his moviegoing in November with countless reviews. Enjoy.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is gaining traction during this year’s Oscar season. Bonjour weighs in on the film.

Shocked by Marshall’s adulation for HitchcockWorth a read.

Unfortunately, Phil didn’t enjoy the likes of Seven Psychopaths. Here’s his review.

Good morning everyone. No need to waste time. Lets get to our weekly articles.

Andy Buckle reviews Rust and Bonea film I missed out on at TIFF.

Wild Strawberriesreviewed by the prolifc Anna.

Alex Withrow is back with another great top ten list: the best movie character introductions.

I’m not quite sure where to find This Must Be the Place, but Nate proclaims it’s one of his favorite films of 2012.

Glenn Kenny of MSN Movies writes about the new bio-picture Hitchcock and how one of his colleagues had a vastly different response to the movie.

I vehemently disagree with Josh Larsen and his take on Life of PiBut the man makes some fascinating points.

Allison Loring beautifully writes about Silver Linings Playbook, even though she wasn’t entirely won over by the film.

Hopefully everyone is ready to have a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Enjoy our weekly articles below.  [More]

Thanksgiving break begins Friday. Here’s our weekly articles.  [More]

Before we begin, here are reviews of Wreck-It Ralph and Flight. Most importantly, make sure you check out today’s post — The Contest 2.0 – in which all of you can compete.

Have a safe week everyone.

Sati gets an early sneak peak of Skyfall

Wreck-It Ralph tops the box office this weekend. Which is nice to see. Castor gives the lowdown.

Which actor do you prefer: Don Cheadle or John C. Reilly?

San Francisco through the lens of cinematographer Harris Savides. Sales pays posthumous love to the auteur.

Brian J. Roan gives the smack-down to Cloud Atlas (unfortunately). 

Front Row Cinema changes up their design. Well done Scott. Do check it out.

Eric Kohn writes a very fascinating review of Hitchcock … which I’m actively anticipating.

In light of Halloween, Tyler lists the 20 scariest films he’s ever seen.

Many comedies don’t stand the test of time. Jessica feels The Full Monty does. Now streaming on Netflix Instant.

Disney recently purchased Lucas Film for 4 billion dollars. Nick writes quite a fascinating article.

Yeah! Another edition of Fun With Netflix Viewer Reviews: Volume 5

Dan Fogarty falls in love with Wreck-It Ralph

Man, I Love Film ties in Election with the upcoming Election.

I entirely, vehemently disagree with Andy Buckle’s review of Seven Psychopaths – but it’s worth reading.

Instead of going to the theaters this weekend, Ruth offers up a pair of films to rent.

Before we begin, everyone, please, go forth and watch The League. The show is in its fourth season and airs on FX. The first three seasons are on Netflix streaming.

Josh reveals his 100 favorite films — a list I too will soon be composing.

Understandably so, Aiden disliked John Carter.

Sam missed something with Seven PsychopathsIt’s ok, we’ll forgive you.

Movies everyone should see: Dr. No.

Andy God damn Buckle interviews Paul Thomas Anderson. I’m not envious, I promise.

Tim and Eric make a film called The Comedy - which is actually not supposed to contain too much comedy. Nathan gives it a go.

The Intouchables seems to be a film raved and revered by many critics. Cam weighs in.

This week on the JustAtadcast Corey and friends discuss Argo.

Everyone should be reading Will of Silver Emulsion. But with halloween right around the corner, do read his writings.

It seems Ryan and I can’t go a week without getting into some disagreement. I suppose that’s why I love the guy. Here’s his article on giving ratings in reviews.

Lastly, here’s my review of Cloud AtlasJust published. 

Couple of notes before we begin our weekly articles. My pal Tom Clift spent most of his weekend here with me in glorious Fresno, California. Beyond being a great guy, he’s a great writer. You can find his work on MovieDex and follow him on twitter @Tom_Clift. Also, I’m attempting to update my Letterbox account more frequently. You can follow my account. [More]

Keep up the great work everyone — full plate of weekly articles ahead. Have a good day. [More]

Big week ahead. Reviews of all four major wide releases: Argo, Here Comes the Boom, Seven Psychopaths, and Sinister. [More]

Before we begin, here’s an overview of what I watched in September. Now, here are this week’s articles.

Many reviews have been published on Rian Johnson’s Looper. Ryan McNeil does a particularly fine job.

Bob Turnbull has been providing some fun, well-written coverage of TIFF.

While The A.V. Club certainly does need any more recognition than it already receives, this recent article discussing the trendsetting, influential comedy/drama Louie is particularly inspired.

Colin reviews David Fincher’s The Game, on Criterion.

It doesn’t seem like Robot & Frank will be playing in a theater near me anytime soon. But Blake’s positive review gives me hope that someday I’ll be able to get around to it.

Roger Ebert gave Richard Gere’s latest film Arbitrage four stars. My interest continues to sustain after reading Aaron’s review of the film.

Oscar seasons is coming. For some, it has already begun: the 85th foreign film submissions.

Graffiti with Punctuation, a well-made and written Australian based website, hires Andy Buckle.

Nostra talks about and views all things Ryan Gosling.

Classic Hitchcock, so many say. Eric reviews Notorious.

Before we delve into our weekly articles, here is my review of Paul Thomas Anderson’s breathtaking new film, The Master.


After my tireless coverage of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, I decided to take a break yesterday from writing and relax. Coverage of the festival, albeit that it has concluded, will continue throughout this next week.